Manager Roles & Responsibilities


  • Team budget and financial statements
  • Preparing, submitting and retaining copies of all team permits
  • Assigning volunteer positions on the team
  • Pickup, proper care of, and returning DMHA jerseys
  • Preparing and submitting affiliations requests
  • Ensuring all suspensions are properly reported and served
  • Assisting with any player or parent conflict resolutions
  • Collection of Medical forms and ensuring forms and blank injury reports are on hand at all games
  • Purchasing and selling of team ice
  • Confirmation of game schedule with LMHA ice schedule
  • Confirmation of game referees with LMHA ref assignor
  • Communicate with team parents and assist the coach with any requests
  • Manage the team app and the DMHA website with information applicable to the team
  • Focal point with NA Interlock including submission of game sheets and communication with league representatives uphold all league duties as outlined by the League Rules and Regulations
  • Arrange exhibition games, away tournaments/accomodations
  • Participate on tournament committee for home tournaments
  • Arrange team functions