The following positions are in immediate need to be filled for the executive to operate fully.


Vice President

The Vice President shall, in the absence or inability of the President, assume the duties of the President and shall, in that event, have all the powers, authority, and restrictions of the President. The Vice President is also responsible for the Paid Administrator(s) and coordinating their interviews and evaluations. In addition, the Vice President should chair any Committees for personnel or Member concerns if their involvement has no conflicts of interest due to their presents.


The Secretary will be responsible for preparing and keeping minutes of meetings of the Members, and the Executive throughout the year. They will also keep amendments made to DMHA Rules and Regulations and DMHA Bylaws, and should chair any Committees that reviews these Association documents. The Secretary will also make sure all notices of Members and Executive meetings are sent.


If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please contact Duane McNirney, President DMHA by emailing at 


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