Our Mission: To have every child regardless of ability learn the game of hockey and values of teamwork, commitment, responsibility, respect, and sportsmanship in a fun, safe, and nurturing atmosphere. 


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Would your or your spouse's company, the company either you or your spouse works for, or someone you know, be interested in sponsoring a Devon Minor Hockey team or division?
How about advertising on our website?

Or perhaps, donating to our Annual Dance & Silent Auction, Golf Tournament, Player of the Month prizes
... or to any one, or all of our locally hosted tournaments?

If so, and you would like more info, please contact the Fundraising Director, fundraiser@devonminorhockey.com
The support of our local and surrounding community is greatly appreciated by our teams and families!


We as an association have been trying to find a way to introduce bigger and better sponsorship over the last couple of years. It has always been a challenge to give potential sponsors a good value for their sponsorship monies as we are unable to use the arena / boards for advertising, however we believe this new approach (see forms tab on website) will both help us to always be in a good situation with new jerseys / equipment is needed and give the sponsors a good value. So here is a brief out line of the requirements and reward for any team who secures Jersey sponsorship.

Jersey sponsor..... Any team who secures a $1000.00 one year Jersey sponsorship will have the opportunity to place name bars (players last name) on their jerseys. Evolution Sportswear will be sewing on the name bars and taking off the name bars each season as well as the sponsor bars. This will allow a sponsor to follow a specific player if they so choose, it is the team managers job to coordinate this process by getting the names, numbers and the sponsor artwork to Level Director. DMHA will cover the cost of the sponsor bars on the jerseys however as players will have their name bars returned to them at the end of the season for the following year or as a memento, each team will be responsible for the cost of their name bars. This cost will apply to both home and away jerseys and will be determined at the time of application. REMEMBER YOU WILL KEEP YOU NAME BARS so subsequent years you will not pay for the bar itself.

All other sponsorship levels are self explanatory, the announcing of names will be a pre-recorded sponsor spot and each team will have their own folder in either a DMHA booth laptop or external drive. If you secure a Platinum or Gold sponsor please forward their contact information to the leveldirector@devonminorhockey.com asap so I can get on recording their spots.

Please remember if you can't commit to playing the required spots don't get the sponsor.

Thank you for all that you do!

Stephanie Worrell
DMHA Level Director

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